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Little Smith Co. started in 2017 by an idea that popped into my head whilst admiring a patchwork hopscotch mat made by my mum for my little man who is car & truck obsessed. I mentioned the idea of driving cars around the hopscotch shape and wah-lah... the original hopscotch road play mat was born.

I actually registered the name "Little Smith Co" before I had product samples. Most names with 'Smith' in it were taken and I couldn't believe this wasn't. So I snatched it up and got to work.

My passion is unique designs and we are all about creating playful memories for little ones with a twist of bringing back old school play in a fun and stylish way. 

My goal is for all of our current and future products to not just be fun and affordable, but very practical and safe for kids play. 

We have many new ideas and products to add to our collection and look forward to them being a part of your home and your little one's childhood.